Vílchez was born in 1973, Barcelona.
His artistic begining was at the early age of six, applying to various drawing and painting competitions.
He studied Image and Sound. Just after that, he got specialized as Director of Photography.
As a theory contribution, he took some fine arts classes at the UPC, Barcelona
During the 90's, he worked as assistant cameraman in Spain and USA with a bunch of prestigious directors of photography. Mostly in commercials, music videos and Features films. At the same time he's been investigating in light, color and composition subjects.
In 2003, he started to develop personal artistic projects. That, let him participate in differents photographic exhibitions. Currently, he has some work in differents art gal·leries and private collecctions.
Nowadays, as Visual Creative, he accepts and produces freelance projects either in photography, cinematography or lighting.

Target: Remain in our memories.